The Derecho Team One - A guide to what we do for our fee.

Kathleen and Micheal - Straight like a Derecho, no-nonsense hard-working management professionals.
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What Makes Derecho Different?

At Derecho, we do things the right way the first time. We pride ourselves on integrity, strong work ethics and reliability.

Using modern technology in a forward-looking paradigm, we are able to deploy the lowest cost, energy-efficient solutions to heating, ventilation, plumbing and electrical systems, even where the existing legacy systems are decades old.

We deal in the business of people's homes. Our personalized approach and strong people skills bridge the gap between high building performance and owner satisfaction with true tenant satisfaction, which leads to stability and longevity.

We believe in consistently building strong relationships and maintaining residential properties to the highest standard in a professional and responsive manner.

Areas of Priority


  • We ensure your property maintains a high occupancy rate with thoroughly screened and approved tenants.
  • In-going/Out-going inspections
  • We ensure that accurate records are kept detailing the state of the rental unit at the start and end of tenancy, to avoid confusion and disputes.


  • We ensure that accurate and detailed accounts are kept to monitor the financial performance of your property.


  • We closely monitor all arrears to ensure every tenant is paying their rent in accordance with the Residential Tenancy Act.

Maintenance and Repairs

  • We ensure prompt and courteous response to all maintenance requests made by tenants, and ensure all work is undertaken by qualified and insured contractors.


  • We ensure that you are properly and competently represented in all matters by our lawyers before the court and tribunal.

Services Included in Management Fee

  • Erecting signboards on your property (subject to authorization)
  • Extensive marketing of your property in print and on the web
  • Unlimited personally escorted inspections of your property with prospective tenants
  • The development and design of descriptive copy for the marketing of your property
  • Thorough screening and qualification of prospective tenants
  • Supervision of signing of all tenancy documents by tenants
  • Preparation of a highly detailed Ingoing Inspection Report
  • The collection, banking and processing of all initial payments by tenants
  • Maintain a Last Month Rent deposit for each tenant
  • Perform a highly detailed and thorough Outgoing Inspection
  • Regular Routine Inspection Reports of your property as required
  • Regular rent reviews based on current market comparables
  • Rent collection
  • Electronic banking of the rent collected into your nominated account throughout each month, as received
  • Constant monitoring of tenant rent payment status and rent arrears control
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